Third party certification

Third Party Certification (TPC) is, in essence, a consumer protection scheme. It enables you, the supplier and certificated company, to provide proof that your company is competent. TPC means that an independent expert, (the third party), has assessed your business and found that it has met certain standards. These standards usually relate to technical aspects of the business activities, but may also relate to other aspects of the business such as ethical and environmental qualities, in relation to the work your company is doing within the fire industry.

We do not allow just anyone to become a member. Only companies that have third­ party certification such as BAFE SP203, SP101 or LPS1014 are eligible for membership of the FIA or manufacturers that are BS EN ISO 9001 certificated.

We are not interested in representing contractors who are not up to the job and who give the industry a bad name. Credibility, a reputation for high quality and second­-to­-none service are what FIA members are about.

Probationary membership is available for up to a year for an organisation which is on the way to achieving accreditation.

Area of Work Relevant Standards Certification Body / Notes
Manufacturers/Suppliers BS EN  ISO 9001

Many UK acredited certification providers

See BAFE website for complete list

Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers BAFE  SP101


See BAFE  website for complete list

Fire Extinguisher Systems LPS1204 LPS1204 – BRE 
Alarm and Detection Systems (Design, Installation, Commissioning & Handover and/or Maintenance) LPS1014 (end to end process scheme)
BAFE SP203-1 (modular scheme)
LPS1014 – BRE 
BAFE SP203 – BSI, NSI , IECSSAIB and Certsure
Fixed Gaseous Fire Suppression BAFE SP203-3 BAFE SP203-3 - BSI and NSI
Emergency Lighting Systems BAFE SP203-4 BAFE SP203-4 - BSI and NSI
Fire Risk Assessment BAFE SP205 The details are available on the BAFE website, Certifiers are: NSI and SSAIB
Other   If you are working with a product/service not specified here, call us on 0203 166 5002